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Feedback from European Coaches that attended  MTMCA courses

Salles Portas Goncalo - Coach di fama Internazionale- IMG Bollittieri Tennis Academy as Coach and Tennis Director (1993-1994)... (cv)

Brianza Giona - Professore di tennis Swiss Tennis (SPTA), Monitore Kids tennis

Andrea Datteri - LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) level 2 Coach

Zoppi Filippo - G+S Formazione base e Formazione continua 1, G+S Sport per bambini, G+S condizione fisica, Monitore Kids tennis per Swisstennis

Knecht Roberto - Corso per monitori G+S, Formazione continua 1, Formazione Sport per bambini

Mulliri Mauro - Formazione base G+S, Formazione continua 1 e 2, Monitore Kids tennis

Bisello Giuliano - Maestro Nazionale ed ex Tecnico Formatore FIT Regione Veneto

Dr. Gorla Roberto - PTR Instructor - Chiropratico e specialista TECAR INDIBA ACTIVE- Specializzato nella prevenzione infortuni e nella valutazione posturale di giocatori di qualsiasi livello principalmente del circuito ITF e ATP

Breno Lorenzo - Coordinatore nazionale ASI settore sociale - Maestro Nazionale ASI e UISP - Responsabile Lombardia Sport Meet

Rebuschini Cattaneo Nicola - Collaboratore di Gonzalo Lopez - BCN Pro Tennis Coaching Spagna




28-29 September 2019


Via Dassone n°2, Cadro - Lugano

28 September 2019  9.30-12.30  14.00-18.00

29 September 2019  9.30-12.30

(Description and details of the course)

The course is addressed to MONITEUR, COACHES or TENNIS TEACHERS certified by other Tennis Federations or to people that want to become TENNIS TEACHER and haven't got any certificates.

PLAYERS of any levels can attend the course as listener and auditor. They will receive a certificate of attendance.

To enroll in this course or for more info, send a messagge by whattsapp to +39 340 8191193 or an e-mail to


Next course for all the MTMCA INTERNATIONAL COACHES  certified but also addressed to MONITEUR, COACHES or TENNIS TEACHERS certified by other Tennis Federations or to TENNIS PLAYERS  that want to improve their tennis will be:

                                                            8-9 February 2020

                                                          TENNIS CLUB CHIASSO

                                                       Via Campagna n° 4 Chiasso

                                              8 February 2020  9.00-12.00  14.00-18.00

                                                9 February 2020 9.0012.00  14.00-18.00 

























RESULTS OF THE APPLICATION OF MTMCA METHODOLOGY  Edoardo from 19 months to 3 years old Gabriele 12 years old after 6 months of methodology 2 times per week in a group of 4 people Michele 17 years old Italian ranking 2.6 after one hour of application of mtmca methodology